Nakedpresents is a Queer Collective that specialises in physical theatre and cabaret. The company is currently based in the UK with European roots.


The founding company members, Vincent and Paige-Marie Baker-Carroll, started working together in their second year at drama school. During their time studying European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College, Vincent and Paige were fortunate enough to train abroad through the Erasmus scheme. The revolutionary work that Vincent and Paige were exposed to in Europe had a huge impact on them, changing their direction and outlook both personally and professionally.

Whilst working together, the pair accidentally fell into the cabaret scene and this opened their eyes to a whole different side of the performing arts industry. 

Their work is all about being true to yourself, a celebration of the weird, the wonderful and the beautifully unique. As queer artists, this is a topic very close to Vincent and Paige’s hearts and is at the core all of NAKEDpresents’ work.